The Basics of Using Bid2Share.com

What is Bid2Share.com?

Bid2Share.com helps raise funds for Irish charities by allowing people sell donated, unwanted or surplus items in online Auctions, the proceeds of which go to a designated charity of their choice.

Bid2Share.com is the new and easy way to donate to your favourite Irish charities without putting your hand into your pocket!  In just a few clicks you could be donating your belongings or time for an online Auction.

Bid2Share.com is the new world answer to real world problems by combining the strength of online auctions with the reach of social media.  Sellers can get their families, friends and rivals behind their Bid2Share in a fun and secure way.  Sellers can donate to one or all of the seven participating charities which include Focus Ireland, Marie Keating Foundation, Concern Worldwide, Jack and Jill Foundation, St Francis Hospice, The Bubble Gum Club and The Susie Long Hospice Fund.

Rather than detracting from existing fundraising channels, Bid2Share.com offers charities an entirely new source of funding.

The idea is simple and fun to use: You set up an auction and then sell anything from your old debs’ dress, to that ‘lovely’ Christmas jumper you got from Aunt Moe last year, from your embarrassing DVD collection to those old iPods or the WII Fit you never actually used! You don’t even need stuff to create an auction! Why not donate your time? You could auction a swimming class if you’re a swimming instructor, a cake baking lesson if you can bake or a week in your cottage in the country: the possibilities are endless once your mind is set! Bid2Share.com even provides you with things which can be added to your auction for free and then sold to benefit your Charity!

How do I register to use Bid2Share?

In order to set up an auction, bid on an item, nominate a charity or donate, you first need to register on Bid2Share.com

To register, click the ‘Register’ link on the homepage, or the ‘Register’ link in the top right-hand corner of any page.

Fill out the form, telling us: your name, address (so any items you successfully bid on can be shipped to you), your email address and choose a password.

You will be sent an email in which is a confirmation link. Click on the link in that email to complete your registration.

That's it! Now you can Bid or Sell on Bid2Share.com!

I want to auction something

What can I Auction?

You can auction any clothing, footwear, dvds, cds, technology, homewares etc that’s new or nearly new, in good condition, and that you don’t want or need anymore!

Please be sure that your Item meets our Selling Guidelines

How do I set up an Auction?

In order to set up an Auction, bid on an item, nominate a charity or donate, you first need to register on Bid2Share. Find out how to do so here.

Once registered, enter ‘My Account’ and on the left hand side of the screen you’ll see the option to start a ‘New Auction’. Here you need to:

  • name your Auction (generally referring to the type of  items that you will be selling).
  • Describe your Auction. Tell people a little bit about why you are creating the Auction.
  • Choose a Charity to benefit. Using the dropdown list, choose a charity that you want to benefit from the Auction. If you do not see the Charity which you would like to support in the list, please get in touch with us.
  • Select the proportion of the sale price which you wish to donate to the Charity. By default this is set to 100% but you can choose to keep some of the sale price (up to a maximum of 50%).

Once you have created the Auction, you can add Items to it. Choose the Auction from your list of Auctions in 'MY ACCOUNT'. Click 'Add new Item' beside your Auction details.

This page will show you the Auction Title and the Charity that you are supporting. You will now need to enter some details about the Item that you want to sell:

Adding an Item to an Auction

  • Name the product
  • Describe the product, including it's condition.
  • Upload one or more photos of the item (either photos you’ve taken yourself or copyright-free images please). Preferably use a photo that you have taken of the item itself, so its condition can be seen.
  • Choose a Category for the Item to be listed in. These are broad ranging, so choose the category that closest describes the type of Item that you are selling.
  • Specify the minimum price that you are prepared to sell the Item for. This will be the minimum Bid that a Bidder can place on the Item, so this is where the Auction will start. Be smart, keep the Item low to encourage Bidding, you don't have to put your target price in here.  Read more on pricing here.
  • Tell Bidders how much it will cost to Ship the Item to them. You can use the tools on the 'How to Calculate Shipping' page to help you work this out. If you do not enter a figure for any region then you are telling Bidders that you do not want to ship the Item to that region - this may limit your potential Buyers. 
  • You can choose to enter a 'Buy It Now' price, although this is optional. The 'Buy it Now' price, is the price at which the Item will be immediately sold - thus ending the Item's Auction (unless a higher Bid has been received). Normally this price would be your goal or target price for the Item, maybe 120% of the 'Minimum price'.
  • Choose when the Auction for this Item will end. You can specify different dates for each Item within an Auction to allow you time to enter more goods to sell. Normally an Auction would last 2 - 3 weeks. The minimum is 2 days and the maximum duration is 60 days.
  • Enter any additional information for the Buyer.Use this field to enter any shipping details that a potential bidder/buyer should know about.
  • Be sure to agree to the terms and conditions of the website (Terms and Conditions) and then click  ‘Sell it’.

You will be asked to confirm all details of the auction at this point – do check through everything carefully and make any necessary edits at this point – and then hit ‘Confirm’ to start your auction!

How do I price my item?

When setting up an auction you need to specify a start price, which is the lowest price you would be willing to sell the item for. What that start price is is really up to you, but here are couple of things you may wish to bear in mind when coming up with the start price: the usual retail price of the item, the condition of the item, whether or not you’re keeping a proportion of the proceeds for yourself and how much you’d like to go to the charity the auction is supporting.

Can all of the proceeds of my sale go to my charity of choice?

With the exception of payment processing and administration fees, you can opt to give all of the remaining proceeds of sale to the charity of your choice.

Can I keep some of the proceeds of my sale for myself?

Yes, you can choose to keep a percentage of the proceeds of your sale for yourself up to a maximum of 40% of the sale price. 

What is the ‘Buy Now’ price of my item?

You can opt to include a ‘Buy Now’ price for an item you’re auctioning. This is an option you can give for someone to buy the item immediately without having to bid and without having to wait until the end of the auction to have the item shipped to them. This ‘Buy Now’ price should be the optimum price you’d like to get for the item, ie the most you think someone should pay for the item.

How do I calculate the shipping cost of the item?

The shipping cost of the item is an additional cost you may wish to charge the end buyer for you to ship the item to them, and this cost goes to you at the end of the auction rather than the charity your auction is supporting. In order to calculate how much you should charge for shipping (if you want to add a shipping cost), we suggest you take a look at the rates charged by An Post [http://postage.anpost.ie/] (if you’re based in Ireland) or the Royal Mail [http://www.royalmail.com/delivery/postal-prices] (if you’re based in the UK) to get an idea how much posting your item might cost.

My item has been won/bought. What next?

As soon as your auction ends, Bid2Share notifies the winner and processes their payment. Once their payment is processed, we will supply you with their shipping details. We would appreciate if you could send your Item to the winner of your auction as soon after that as you can.

We will then pass on the proceeds of the Sale to the Charity that you have chosen. 

If you opted to keep some of the Sale price, then we will send you an email with the amount which you have made from the Sale. You can then choose to receive the funds via PayPal or directly to your Bank Account.

I want to bid on something

Perhaps take a look at our ‘How to Bid’ page

How do I find items to bid on?

You can search for items by Category, you can look at what’s been Recently Added, what Auctions are Ending Soon or simply by entering a search term into the search box in the top right hand corner of the screen.

How do I place a bid?

In order to set up an auction, bid on an item, nominate a charity or donate, you first need to register on Bid2Share.com 

Once you are registered and logged in, visit the Item's page.

On the Item's Auction page you will see the current price of the item (this is either the starting price if no one has bid yet, or the most recent bid on the item). You will need to bid  €1 higher than this price to be in with a chance of winning the Item. You can choose to bid the suggested amount, or any amount in excess of that. Once you’ve chosen the amount you wish to bid, hit ‘Place Bid’. You will be asked to confirm your bid, and once you do so, you will be redirected to the Auction page, where you are now listed as a bidder. You will receive a confirmation email from Bid2Share.com that you have made a bid.

Does Bid2Share automatically bid for me?

Bid2Share does not work like other online auction sites: this site will not automatically bid for you up until a specified limit – you need to bid and rebid by yourself!

What happens if someone outbids me?

If you are outbid by another user, Bid2Share.com will email you to let you know. At this point, it is up to you whether you wish to bid again or not. If you wish to bid again, you must visit Bid2Share.com and place another bid.

I’ve won the auction. What now?

As soon as the Auction ends, you will be notified to say that you have won. You should then login to Bid2Share.com to  pay for the Item. To do this: Log in to your Account. You will be brought to a page listing Items you have won. Beside wach Item will be a note saying whether the Item has been paid for or not. Follow the 'Pay Now' link for each Item to pay for that Item.

Once your payment is processed, we will supply the Seller with your shipping details. Your payment will be processed and the Charity will receive their funds directly from Bid2Share.com

I don’t want to wait around for an auction. What can I do (Buy It Now)?

If a user wishes to, they can list a ‘Buy Now’ price for their item when creating an Auction. This means that if someone wishes to buy an Item at its optimum price, they can do so. If this is an option for the Item you’re interested in, and you’d rather not deal with an Auction, you can hit ‘Buy Now’, confirm that you’re happy to pay the optimum price listed for the item, and we’ll process your payment straight away!

I want to donate, what do I do?

Are auctioning items and buying items the only way to contribute to a charity on Bid2Share?

On Bid2Share.com, if you don’t have anything to Auction or if none of the Items on Auction take your fancy, you can still donate to any of the charities registered on the site. Just click the ‘Donate without Bidding’ button on the left hand side of the screen, confirm the amount you’d like to donate, and we’ll process a payment to that charity for you. The Charity will receive your donation less payment processing charges and Bid2Share.com fees (a total of 10%).

Making Payments

What ways can I pay for Items or donate?

Bid2Share accepts Payment via PayPal, the World's most widely used payment gateway.

When do I give Bid2Share my payment details?

Only when you have won an Auction, once you have opted to ‘Buy Now’, or once you have opted to ‘Donate without Bidding’ are you required to provide payment details.

Does Bid2Share hold on to my payment details?

Your payment details are processed on PayPal.com. Bid2Share.com does not receive or hold on to your payment details. This means that each time you win an Auction, opt to ‘Buy Now’ or opt to ‘Donate without Bidding’ you will need to re-enter your payment details.

I want to nominate a charity

The charity I wish to support isn’t on Bid2Share. What do I do?

Great, simply fill out the ‘Nominate a Charity’ form with your chosen charity’s name and your contact information. We’ll get in contact with that charity and notify you once they’re signed up. Then you can set up Auctions in aid of that charity, or make donations to that charity through the Bid2Share.com site.

Why does Bid2Share receive a percentage of each successful sale?

To support the continuing development of Bid2share.com, to help maintain the back-office services, to promote the website and to ensure that Charities can continue to benefit from your online Auctions, Bid2Share.com retains approximately 6.6% of the final sale price of Items on Auction and of Donations.