Marie Keating Foundation

Following their mother Marie’s death in 1998, each member of the Keating family promised that they would do everything they could to bring an end to breast cancer.  They committed to provide all women and their families with vital  information which could help them to prevent cancer or detect it at its earliest stages.

Their collective aim was to “enlighten not frighten”.  Through three mobile information units the Foundation’s dedicated nurses have enlightened hundreds of thousands of men and women of the causes and risk factors of breast and other cancers.  

Monies raised also help to refurbish hospital oncology waiting rooms in making them more comfortable for patients. 

A Comfort Fund established for those in financial difficulty as a result of their illness provides immediate assistance. The Foundation is also committed to raising awareness among young people in schools of cancer and its prevention through a structured schools programme.

The Foundation provides all of its services free of charge.

Speaking about their involvement with, Lillian McGovern, CEO of the Marie Keating Foundation said "We are always looking for new and innovative ways of raising much needed funds and is an exciting new way for people to support very worthwhile causes while possibly picking up a great bargain."