Charities that we help you to support:

About Turning what you don't want into what others need!

Now it's easier to help your favourite Charity:

  1. Set up an Auction is just a few seconds.
  2. Add your stuff to the Auction - these can be things you don’t want or no longer have use for. We even give you free stuff to add!
  3. Invite your Friends to attend your Auction using email, Facebook or Twitter.
  4. When your Items sell, the proceeds go to your chosen Charity. You can even choose to keep a proportion of the proceeds of your Auctions for yourself.

Bid2Share is also a great place to go to find bargains, and if you bid on an Auction here you know that you’re helping a worthwhile charity.

If you don’t fancy any of the Items on offer, gives you the option to Donate without Bidding, so you can still support your friend's Appeal and a worthwhile Charity!

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